I’m a long held believer of the “do it later” approach to life.

I’ve been thinking about getting this blog going for a few months and I finally came to conclusion that my baby daughter wasn’t in the room this second. I could probably just give it a shot.

Having a baby means lots of things that I’m not going to get in to right now. The one aspect that concerns this paragraph is Time. There is time now. Now that it’s my lunch break at the office. There will be no time later. That is baby’s. Her’s to eat, teeth on, and poop in. I have half hour for two days a week to do this blog. That’s not enough. I am roping in my friends. They also have no significant chunks of time to spare but if we club together, maybe we can get a whole three hours out of a week.

So they are my writing mates in this blog. I haven’t told them yet. But that’s what WhatsApp is for.

I’ll let you know how it goes.