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July 2016

Sophie Bakes

I think 3 out of 5 times my baking attempts can be described as edible. On a good day I might be given a half hearted, "yeah, it's nice Soph". Today wasn't one of those days. Today's attempt was banana... Continue Reading →


Home of the short people

As I begin to write this blog, small droplets of rain are forming on my mac keyboard, I’m going in…. Summer! Is here! Day three of my adventures in Cornwall, Went to a garden today with GREAT wheelchair access and... Continue Reading →

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Hello blog people! This is Emma, I've finally given in and done my first ever blog. It might be the sleep deprivation from the heat and work but here I am! So what am i going to talk to you... Continue Reading →

I’m hot and other things

I'm hot and other stuff. Things are sweaty. I had to get the central line in to work. My two different kinds of sandals gave me two different kinds of foot pain. Today I am in trainers. My feet are... Continue Reading →

The root of Zoe

Dear person of the internet, I think I may be suffering from a form of middle class villageitus. Quick background, I was born in the Congo and immigrated to UK and raised on the streets of East ham...but since about... Continue Reading →

Don’t underestimate the power of bribery!

We have it! A way to encourage posts by people that aren't Sophie! It's called Brownie Points. For every photo submitted for use on the site: 1 point For every photo used in a post: 1 point For a written... Continue Reading →

Here’s Zoe…The Intro

Hello internet person, well, it seems I am the first one to give in to Sophie's nagging about adding to the blog, I can almost feel her steely stare on the back of my head. It was suggested that I... Continue Reading →

Zoe’s baby shower: part 2

New readers missed the first part. That was about 3 years ago. I have booked a table at Café Rouge. I haven given people that are invited the dates and location but here are some other details. Other halves: Yes.... Continue Reading →

Idea Accomplished!

Ok, I came up with an idea on how to get my friends to interact more with this blog. An idea that isn't blackmail *pats self on back* I will now just put all the details of plans on this... Continue Reading →

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