Hello internet person, well, it seems I am the first one to give in to Sophie’s nagging about adding to the blog, I can almost feel her steely stare on the back of my head.
It was suggested that I do book reviews, I lovingly reminded her as the mother of a 3 year old and currently waiting for number two to make its entrance in less than a couple of months, I have not read an actual book that is not by Julia Donaldson or Dr Seuss in about 3 years.
So I thought I might as well start with a hello….so hello. As you guess from my earlier rant I am a mother of two (well almost two), wife of one and former project manager. I am really good at…..hmmm….something, I am sure…..think brain. Let’s see, if you ask the 3 year old she will tell you I am really good at hugs and making water warm; If you ask the husband I am sure he will say I am really good at stealing his pyjama bottoms (why are men’s one’s so much comfier, are we girls just meant to live a life less comfy?) And I am sure if you ask anyone else it will be something about my love of colour coding excel tabs. So that’s me(ish) in a tiny brazil nutshell.
Oh yea, totes forgot (are the kids still saying totes? or I am still carrying that solo, like cool beans and wicked?) I am reading a book, well I will be, haven’t got around to it yet…Sophie sorry it seems I am a big fat liar. I have just this morning received from the lovely post lady – who has asked if she can have one of my potted plants?! – ‘The Hypnobirthing Book’ by Katharine Graves (http://www.kghypnobirthing.com/). So I guess I can review that for you after baby is born and I know if it’s worked or not. But dear internet person, you will probably hear the screams yourself if it hasn’t worked!
Much cheer and totes soz (if the kids aren’t saying it then I am definitely keeping it alive) for the rambles…see you on the flip side.