New readers missed the first part. That was about 3 years ago.

I have booked a table at Café Rouge. I haven given people that are invited the dates and location but here are some other details.

Other halves: Yes. Please bring your full selves plus any offspring.

Cars: Me, Tom, Emma, Bill and Pheebs either don’t drive or don’t have their own car. Somebody needs to get the train. Pheebs can’t do this by herself as she is a baby and cannot operate the turnstiles or her legs.

Gifts: The traditional gifts of baby showers include Amazon vouchers, money, cardigans, unhelpful advice, secret judgements, sad reflections on ones own life choices.

Games: This is a sit down affair and will not have games. Unless I decide otherwise. That’s always a possibility. I am fickle.

Dress-code: I do not feel that I could ever enforce a dress code when all I want to do is wear pyjamas.


Any questions? Write a blog post.