I won my cake (brownie) and I get to eat it too!

Yay…well the food motivation defo worked, but being one of those “stay at home moms” (said in a brash Texan accent) I may have had an unfair advantage over the Flight Attendent and the Teacher. I do sort of have a job, spending 9 hours a day 7 days a week yelling at a tiny person to either “do what I told you” or “don’t you dare do that” for literally zero pay, pretty rewarding work.

I get time off sometimes to do important things like iron pants and write snippets for this blog.  This evening husband is doing the toddlers bath….bliss…a whole 15 minutes to myself.
“DON’T STICK YOUR HAND DOWN THE LOO”… so glad I have clocked off for my tea break already, bring on the brownie.