What’s the best bit about being pregnant? Having a child doesn’t count.

First time you feel baby kick

Have you had any cravings? We’re they different from last time?

Chalk, ice cubes and red wine not together though … no cravings last time!

How did you decide on a name? Did my Scottish suggestions help?

laughing about the poshest names we know and realised i was in love with one. And no your suggestions didn’t help!

Knowing that you are not a super laid-back person in general, what pregnancy was the least stressful? First or second?

Definitely the second

If you were a billionaire but only for 10 minutes, what would you buy for the baby? (purchases must be completed in the 10-minute time frame so houses, cars, au-pairs are out)

Lifetime supply of water wipes…those aren’t cheap. And more storage 😁

What percentage more cry-y are you?


If you could give this pregnancy a theme song or soundtrack, what would you choose?

Limp Bitzkit – Break Stuff

What was the most useless pregnancy/baby/child gift you received (or gave)?

Annabelle Karmels Baby Led Weaning… after a ton of stress realised I am not a BLW person

Quickly Zoe! You can send a 5 word message back in time to yourself at the beginning of this pregnancy! What does it say?

Avoid chocolate for 7 months

New rules in naming registrations means that you are only allowed to name your baby girl one of the following names. Which do you choose: Sophie, Emma, Rachel, Irnbru

Irnbru 😄