“Today is Amélie Day, what would you like to do” I foolishly declared after spending all week focusing on prepping for the impending baby.

“I would like peanut butter and jam and one with just nutella” ok, simple enough “cut into tiny stars” #what was I thinking# “with strawberry milk, in the peppa cup and a straw…oh and I want to eat up here” (points to the counter).

Two sandwiches later, a ton of wasted cutouts and a cup of spilt milk (I know why people cry over spilt milk, have you seen the surface area these bad boys can cover? But no one gets told off  on Amélie Day so smile while you mop the entire kitchen before 8am.)

Breakfast fun is followed by role playing Ratatouille the movie while doing messy play with water (she is the little chef I have to be all the other characters)….I should have just said hey its DVD day… oh well having your day run by a 3.5year old who has very strict rules on how you can play always leads to some interesting learnings. Oh the day will also involve playing How to Train Your Dragon…I am always Hiccup, she is always the Dragons, I am not allowed to be a dragon, I have begged

…request denied.

Happy Amélie Day world! Time for fun 😊