This time around I was baking with my nephew. He isn’t quite old enough to be interested in carefully measuring stuff so I decided just to get one of those instant mixes. How did it go?

Not great.

He was pleased because I made him a giant one and everyone else had smaller ones. But, well look at them. They are supposed to be chocolate chip but I forgot [read: couldn’t be bothered] to meticulously sift through the mixture and pick out some chips to sprinkle on top. I could have brought more chocolate to decorate but I don’t like the idea of throwing good money after bad.

The dough was too sticky and I just had to dump little balls of it on to the baking tray instead of rolling out and making shapes. In all this held the attention of a six year old for about 5 minutes and the attention of a 31 year old for about 30 seconds.

Next time I will just do shortbread. At least then I can use the cutters.

P.S. It tasted fine. Though that is a generous review.