As someone approaching 32 years of living I have always vehemently held that I do not fall into the ‘Millennial’ generation bracket, I mean have you seen them? Just Google it, or walk past some obscure London location and there they are with their painful trendiness, massive beards, sitting on their electronic consuls making infographics of every decision in their hipster festival going lives. (Note from S: way to sound 80, Zoe!)

I have never made an infographic in my life, the last ‘festival’ I went to was Party in the Park…. In 2002….when The Calling where still in the charts. That’s my level of cool…. but then I read this article in Vice (, hmmmm, maybe I am a Millenial after all, long live the generation of ‘Going out Sucks’.


*Side note, my husband is the trendy one who reads Vice before you point fingers, I read over his shoulder so I can occasionally roll my eyes and tut at trendy hipster folk like himself*