My baby is a year old on Thursday! Woo!

I think the best bit about being a mum is the smugness. The worst bit about being a mum is the battle against smugness. Why can’t everyone accept that my baby is better than yours? This is a competition. I’m winning. Well, Phoebe is winning but I’m sure she won’t mind if I take the credit.

Joke that is quickly spiralling out of control aside, it’s hard work being a parent and perhaps even harder work being around them. Every comment from a passer-by can seem inherently judgemental. And it wears you down.

For example, my baby is heavy. She’s not obese, she’s just a densely packed package of cute. But when people make a comment about her weight, it can really make me shrink back and get upset. That’s not Phoebe’s issue, that’s mine. And I know that most of the time people aren’t trying to be mean. So how can I fix it?


I think that if you talk about what you love and what’s perfect, people will focus on that. They’ll focus on her big eyes and cute curls. And you’ll feel better for it.

Constant praise. That’s the key to not going insane as a parent…right?