My mum makes some killer beignet (some places they are called drop donuts) she has for YEARS bugged me about learning her technique and recipe for it. For those who don’t know what a beignet is, apart from being hard to spell and difficult to sound out; FYI it’s said like you are totes excited about seeing your friend Ben and just shout out Ben-yay! Is a deep fried pastry type thing eaten in France, New Orleans and generally by most African people I know. Everyone has their own take and name for it, I say beignet because that is what I have always known them as. Its delicious, for real people, get some…if you can’t, then make some, I used this recipe: (  that I found online.


Please dont tell my mum she would murder me if she found out. Its just that I was desperate, and I live in a tiny village and had no way of hauling my giant 40 weeks pregnant butt all the way to London to visit my mum all because I had a craving.  Not quite my mums Ben-yay’s but a very close Ben-hey! I just melted some nutella and milk for the chocolate sauce and added ground ginger forgoing the orange to the batter….oh and keep an eye on the oil temp, I wasted SO much batter by making it too hot…the Internet doesnt like ugly food so I deleted the pics of those burnt out messes so was only left with a few ok looking ones. Traditionally eaten with peanuts or peanut butter but the 3 year old and I love Nutella and sprinkles best. Xx


Bon appétit