I am a procrastinator and if i do say so myself a very good one. I will leave everything to the last minute or not at all if I can get away with, example, I live on my own so I don’t wash up every day my excuse I’ll save water by doing a few days at a time or i think I’ll just have breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack and then I’ll do that really important thing that I should already have done.

I am moving house in approximately a month, have I done anything useful like get a quote from a moving company or tell my gas/electricity/water/tv/broadband/council that I’m moving, of course not. Have a made cakes, packed for my holiday next month or written a blog for Sophie, you bet I have!

I will get round to it…….eventually. Technically I don’t have a move date, this is my trump card so I can’t give them a date.

If I had someone to organise all this it would take my non existent stress off my hands. Maybe i’ll sort it out next week on my days off.

Anyway to procrastinate once more I’m going to meet Sophie and go for a walk round the park, it’s such a nice day out, be a shame to waste it!