The imminent one has been born and I now have children! Yikes, how grown up is that! There is something about having to pluralise the word ‘child’, I feel like I have moved up the mummy club…can I get badge please?

The word children, aside from making me feel wisened (waiting for the wisdom to kick in) also makes everyone give me that empathetic “you must be suffering with toddler and tiny baby” face…but I am doing really well. Like ‘super went for a pub dinner 20 HOURS after she was born’ good.

She sleeps, actual sleeps, the likes of which the 3 year old didn’t discover until last Christmas. I am finding myself with chunks of time not marred by new mummy tiredness. But I have now put this out to the internet-verse which means the new born will now revert to newborness and start waking all hours because my smug well rested self couldn’t shut up…..darn it, when will I learn.