Oh internet, my woe is deep and crisis is very real. It’s October, don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the autumn so much so I to got married in it.

My issue is just that the hubster does NOT feel the cold. His middle class rugby ways mean he has developed some strange immunity to it, he wears flip flops and shorts in the winter! *eye roll*

‘Tell me more’ I hear you say…. well we live in a flat built in the ’20s that is heated only by old storage heaters that cost a mortgage to run and a fire-place for which you need to go out in to the ice cold to get wood for. And I get cold…real blood almost blue I want to cut my icy toes off because they hurt cold. He keeps telling me to “put a jumper on”.

I don’t want to put a jumper on, I want a warm home were jumpers are not a survival necessity. Darn you October with your cold winds and long nights.

Word of advice to all to the single ladies out there: marry someone with the same attitude to the seasons as you.