When the hubster and I started dating (long before tinder; in the days when Nokia and Motorola were king and the iPhone was nothing more than a twinkle in Jobs’ eye)….love and romance was moonlight, flowers, fancy meals out, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes etc. etc. etc.

Fast forward nine iPhone models*, 11 years, a wedding, 2 kids, and a mortgage later. Love and romance now is…picking up a KFC on the way home from work, distracting the kids so mummy can wee in peace and giving me his sock because for some unknown reason one of mine fell off and I can’t be bothered to get up and find it.

As we quickly approach our 6 year wedding anniversary I gladly accept one well-worn, slightly warm sock, I think that is the traditional gift right, 7 years must be a glove?!

Anyway who says romance is dead after all we have survived 9 iPhone models and the death of the flip phone…so lift a warm cup of tea to many more years of love and romance! ♥

*No idea why I started waffling about iPhones, I have only ever owned 2 of them in my life and one was forced on me by work. Clearly I have some unresolved Apple issues!