Sometimes people are gits. I don’t know why. I don’t much care for people in general. I certainly don’t want to talk to them or go to their parties but that doesn’t mean that I’ll go out of my way to shout at them, call them names or throw coins in to their stands. In fact that negative behaviour would involve me partaking in society.

No thank you. I am just fine here. Typing at a desk. Talking to a max of 6 people a day.

Here are some handy points to remember if you feel like you may be becoming a Git:

  1. Take yourself away from situations where you feel you are starting to become gittish.
  2. Your opinion isn’t more important just because you shout it louder.
  3. Why are you throwing a tantrum? You may need a sit down and a biscuit. Don’t take your low blood sugar out on unsuspecting bystanders.

Just try and be kind to people. If you can’t be kind to everyone, just be REALLY kind to people that you can tolerate. That way you will never attain the worst level gittness: The Complete Git.

Well I hope you all enjoyed that. Now I will take a random picture from the library that isn’t a picture of a shouty person. Looking at a picture like that would make me upset.

I chose love dinosaur. Always appropriate.

– Sophie