Hello internet people!

It’s me the procrastinator, after about 6 weeks I have returned!

Since my last post I have moved, yay! My house however looks disheveled to put it nicely, I’m reassured it’s gets messy before it gets beautiful. I’ve learnt you can’t have the heat on when you have to plaster the walls, luckily today seems to be a mild day despite the almost torrential downpour of rain that means that at 3.15 I have to turn the light on to see.

After a continuous battle with Virgin which first started in August, I’m finally the proud owner of broadband and TV and hopefully on Monday a home phone (but I’m not bothered too much by that, mostly I need it when I need to contact Virgin to tell them they’re rubbish). I must say I felt very first world problems trying to sort it out, ‘I can’t watch television’, ‘i can’t use the internet on my phone and laptop’

I don’t have much furniture at the moment (ie a sofa and TV) so I’m pretty much camped out in the living room, it’s an adventure which I can’t wait to finish.

It’s not all bad though, I have moved into a soon to be lovely house and I’m putting my personality on it, whether anyone else likes it is to be seen but I can’t wait to move all my stuff in and enjoy my new home.

And they say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do! I’m fine 😊 Honest!

Edit from Sophie:

Emma wanted me to use this picture for the post but I found it too desolate. Cat it is.


(It’s her flat.)