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December 2016

Goodbye 2016

Well, here we are, the last few hours of 2016...I was totally going to write something poignant and deep that encapsulated the year that was 2016 and showed you how wise and knowing I am, but alas...gasp in horror dear... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Rachel!

It's Rachel's birthday! Hooray!!!! Our dear Rachel has turned....well never you mind how old she is! Of the 4 of us Saltfishers she is the eldest (I am the youngest by about 2 hours I think, that is why I... Continue Reading →

Fun-guys and Other Hobbies

The Mushroom Hunter has taken up 'Geocaching'.... Hold up...the who? ...Oops, yea completely forgot to update you Internet. You see, since the birth of our second back in September, the hubster has taken up mushroom hunting... What, actual hunting? ....... Continue Reading →

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