The Mushroom Hunter has taken up ‘Geocaching‘….

Hold up…the who?

…Oops, yea completely forgot to update you Internet. You see, since the birth of our second back in September, the hubster has taken up mushroom hunting…

What, actual hunting?

…. Umm not literally hunting. I don’t suppose there can be much sport in chasing static fungi, but never the less my kitchen has been suffering from a stench of woody fungus for a while now.

Ok, but what has this got to do with geocaching?

…Well, the preschooler declared recently that this whole mushroom hunting business is ’em-paris-ing’**. So the hubster dutifully went off to find a new activity for them to do while I nap with the new born and he came across geocaching or as I like to call it ‘acting suspicious and picking up suspicious packages in a public area’.  It seems to be a real thing that actual humans do, I am still dubious about it but it got them out of the house for 2 hours. I suppose if he is going to have early onset midlife crisis it might as well be while doing something useful like giving me nap time.

Geocaching doesn’t sound so bad?

…Yea, you are right Internet, as always. It is better than suspicious looking fungus over taking your kitchen. I am going to embrace this new hobby of theirs, as long as I can keep my napping hobby we are all good. Because, as the preschooler lovingly put’s it  “I need some alone time, by myself, without people”. Never a truer word said Internet, never a truer word said.

** Emparising, not to be confused by the actual recognised word of ’embarrassing’…is when there are so many mushrooms it becomes too easy to find…i.e. it loses all ‘sport’