It’s Rachel’s birthday! Hooray!!!! Our dear Rachel has turned….well never you mind how old she is! Of the 4 of us Saltfishers she is the eldest (I am the youngest by about 2 hours I think, that is why I am totes tuned in to yoof culture and what not *quick Google of ‘stuff kids these days like*).

I was going to get her present, like a good friend, but alas I am:

  1. a procrastinator
  2. a mother of young children
  3. a person who lives a drive away from the nearest shop
  4. a procrastinator

You see I found her the perfect present when I was on a rare outing, but then my idiot self thought ‘hey, why the rush, her birthday isn’t for months yet, you have plenty of time’. So I put it back on the shelf so I could procrastinate for a while, and now time has legged it away. Stupid time.

So here we are, on the day of Rachel’s birthday, presentless….at least I sent a card…but I used 2nd class stamps so she probably wont get it for another week….defo a terrible friend. If I had Facebook I am sure Rachel would have unfriended me by now, but my salvation comes in that we are all too lazy and antisocial to make new friends so very slim chance she will unfriend me for reals *phew!!*

Well, happy birthday you gorgeous human…I will try harder next birthday, until then please enjoy the picture of that guy who used to be in Being Human and seems to only play roles in which he looks like he is part of the great unwashed (except in ‘And then there were none’ I think a bath was a prerequisite for that role). Happy birthday from us all collectively and greasy Poldark man 🙂