It’s been a while, clearly, it’s been all too long. I thought about writing, really did, mostly about those blasted pheasants. People, have you ever driven around the British countryside, it’s full of those blasted feathered things that are too lazy to fly and seem to have no regard for their own lives. I swear they are bent on making me a murderer…either learn to fly or stay out of the roads (see the nonsense I have to deal with living in the country?!) But seriously, those ‘birds’ are a hazard, and I cant afford the car repairs or the guilt ridden nightmares I would have if I hit one. Any way, I digress…

I have been away…well I have been here…just been too flump at the thought of flipping open my laptop. It’s the kids, I think having two has driven me to a new level of laziness. I figured I would be super organised with two kids to look after but alas no, the preschooler (who turned 4 a couple of weeks ago) had some porridge (Redy Brek – no one has the energy to faff with real oats), a yogurt and a Babybel for dinner this evening, it’s only a step up from the dinner she wanted of banana and some chips (the fries not the crisps). I have wasted almost 4 months of 2017, so I am totes going to get on it, like real on it.

To do list for 2017

  • Feed kids better
  • Just be better
  • Get round to shaving arm pits.

Well, this post has gone on longer then I intended…my coffee is getting cold, and I am sleepy. See you very soon for something more upbeat 🙂

At least the other Saltfishers have been more productive then I…congrats to Rachel for running a half marathon, Sophie for moving house and Emma for successfully following the step by step instructions to post a letter (I will leave her to write a post and explain, my coffee now needs reheating so I am out).