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Jeeze…It’s March already!

It's been a while, clearly, it's been all too long. I thought about writing, really did, mostly about those blasted pheasants. People, have you ever driven around the British countryside, it's full of those blasted feathered things that are too... Continue Reading →


I finally did another post for you!

Hello internet people! It's me the procrastinator, after about 6 weeks I have returned! Since my last post I have moved, yay! My house however looks disheveled to put it nicely, I’m reassured it's gets messy before it gets beautiful.... Continue Reading →

This entry was delayed…

I am a procrastinator and if i do say so myself a very good one. I will leave everything to the last minute or not at all if I can get away with, example, I live on my own so... Continue Reading →

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