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EEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH Hospitals ruin anniversaries. But I suppose a ruined anniversary and nothing else is one of the best possible outcomes for an emergency trip to the hospital. My husband and I had to take our 14 month old to the hospital.... Continue Reading →


Kids and Killer Clowns

Every household should contain at least one preschooler so everyone can experience the sheer randomness and at times down-right creepiness of how preschooler minds think. So to enlighten those who don't have the joy of one of these at home,... Continue Reading →

Brownies, sausage rolls, and winners

So Zoe was the clear winner of last month's blog posts. And also maybe she was the winner of last month's life, what with welcoming her new daughter in to the world. Anyway, she says she didn't want brownies but... Continue Reading →

New Mummy(ish)

The imminent one has been born and I now have children! Yikes, how grown up is that! There is something about having to pluralise the word 'child', I feel like I have moved up the mummy club...can I get badge... Continue Reading →

Dear Santa

Christmas is coming and the 3yr old has made her requests: "a ukulele, a doll that you can feed like the Baby Alive Doll" (thank you YouTube). But the icing on the cake ... She would really really love a... Continue Reading →

Very almost a year!

My baby is a year old on Thursday! Woo! I think the best bit about being a mum is the smugness. The worst bit about being a mum is the battle against smugness. Why can't everyone accept that my baby... Continue Reading →

Sophie’s Adventures in Baking part 2

*Sigh* This time around I was baking with my nephew. He isn't quite old enough to be interested in carefully measuring stuff so I decided just to get one of those instant mixes. How did it go? Not great. He was... Continue Reading →

Happy Amélie Day

"Today is Amélie Day, what would you like to do" I foolishly declared after spending all week focusing on prepping for the impending baby. "I would like peanut butter and jam and one with just nutella" ok, simple enough "cut... Continue Reading →

Zoe’s victory speech

I won my cake (brownie) and I get to eat it too! Yay...well the food motivation defo worked, but being one of those "stay at home moms" (said in a brash Texan accent) I may have had an unfair advantage... Continue Reading →

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