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Jeeze…It’s March already!

It's been a while, clearly, it's been all too long. I thought about writing, really did, mostly about those blasted pheasants. People, have you ever driven around the British countryside, it's full of those blasted feathered things that are too... Continue Reading →


Friends and Growing Older aka Happy Birthday Sophie

People are always on about how ‘friends are family you choose’ and all that other stuff. I don’t think I chose my friends, not intentionally anyway. I don’t really remember the in's and outs of how our friendships developed or... Continue Reading →

Summer… put a sock in it!

  some people like the sunshine, some people like the warmth, some people like the long days… Me… I like knitwear. I like scarfs, jumpers, cardigans and wooly hats. up yours summer… Give me grey skies, rain, and icy wind!... Continue Reading →

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