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Jeeze…It’s March already!

It's been a while, clearly, it's been all too long. I thought about writing, really did, mostly about those blasted pheasants. People, have you ever driven around the British countryside, it's full of those blasted feathered things that are too... Continue Reading →


Rachel Wins August!

RACHEL! YOU WON! Say whhhaaaaaaaaaaat? Congratulations on winning the brownies for this month. I hope they are so delicious that you continue to write blog posts in order to feed your addiction. With best wishes, Sophie

Tea and the Russian Terrorists

so i get a call… i have to go somewhere. i get in my car, drive to Upton Park, look around for 30 minutes for somewhere to park, find it… i que up for another 30 minutes with a couple... Continue Reading →

Home of the short people

As I begin to write this blog, small droplets of rain are forming on my mac keyboard, I’m going in…. Summer! Is here! Day three of my adventures in Cornwall, Went to a garden today with GREAT wheelchair access and... Continue Reading →

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