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Brownies, sausage rolls, and winners

So Zoe was the clear winner of last month's blog posts. And also maybe she was the winner of last month's life, what with welcoming her new daughter in to the world. Anyway, she says she didn't want brownies but... Continue Reading →


Rachel Wins August!

RACHEL! YOU WON! Say whhhaaaaaaaaaaat? Congratulations on winning the brownies for this month. I hope they are so delicious that you continue to write blog posts in order to feed your addiction. With best wishes, Sophie

Zoe’s victory speech

I won my cake (brownie) and I get to eat it too! Yay...well the food motivation defo worked, but being one of those "stay at home moms" (said in a brash Texan accent) I may have had an unfair advantage... Continue Reading →

Zoe Wins JULY!

It's official! Zoe has won the July competition and with it, the brownies. She was the clear winner with 20 points. Rachel and Emma both had 10 points and therefore came in a shameful last place. FOR SHAME! I was... Continue Reading →

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