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Jeeze…It’s March already!

It's been a while, clearly, it's been all too long. I thought about writing, really did, mostly about those blasted pheasants. People, have you ever driven around the British countryside, it's full of those blasted feathered things that are too... Continue Reading →


Goodbye 2016

Well, here we are, the last few hours of 2016...I was totally going to write something poignant and deep that encapsulated the year that was 2016 and showed you how wise and knowing I am, but alas...gasp in horror dear... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Rachel!

It's Rachel's birthday! Hooray!!!! Our dear Rachel has turned....well never you mind how old she is! Of the 4 of us Saltfishers she is the eldest (I am the youngest by about 2 hours I think, that is why I... Continue Reading →

Fun-guys and Other Hobbies

The Mushroom Hunter has taken up 'Geocaching'.... Hold up...the who? ...Oops, yea completely forgot to update you Internet. You see, since the birth of our second back in September, the hubster has taken up mushroom hunting... What, actual hunting? ....... Continue Reading →

Love Is: Sharing, Sort Of

A while ago the hubster and I decided to splash out and upgrade our bed to a king size...o how luxurious...a fancy grown up bed with all that space. Finally we could, like France and Germany, share a border but... Continue Reading →

Love is…

When the hubster and I started dating (long before tinder; in the days when Nokia and Motorola were king and the iPhone was nothing more than a twinkle in Jobs’ eye)….love and romance was moonlight, flowers, fancy meals out, staring... Continue Reading →

Kids and Killer Clowns

Every household should contain at least one preschooler so everyone can experience the sheer randomness and at times down-right creepiness of how preschooler minds think. So to enlighten those who don't have the joy of one of these at home,... Continue Reading →

Brownies, sausage rolls, and winners

So Zoe was the clear winner of last month's blog posts. And also maybe she was the winner of last month's life, what with welcoming her new daughter in to the world. Anyway, she says she didn't want brownies but... Continue Reading →

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Oh internet, my woe is deep and crisis is very real. It's October, don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the autumn so much so I to got married in it. My issue is just that the... Continue Reading →

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